2021 International Results Report

A young child leans on Her older brothers shoulder looking strait into the camera with a sad expression Vis bildetekst
There’s an old Yemeni saying that if you truly want to know how people are feeling, you should look into their eyes. (Photo: Ahmed Albasha/ICRC)

After years of conflict, millions of ordinary Yemenis are struggling to survive. The chaos of civil war has left government institutions in tatters and health provision is scarce.

The brutal conflict fell off the media radar in 2021 - overshadowed by the global COVID-19 pandemic. But Yemen and its people - 20 million of whom need assistance (UN) - were not forgotten by the Norwegian Red Cross. We support a network of Yemeni Red Crescent health clinics, ambulance services, first aid training, and an ICRC physical rehabilitation centre.  The specialist orthopaedic clinic is a lifeline for children like four-year-old Alaa whose left leg was severely damaged by a grenade and had to be amputated. "I was injured here and here” she tells Red Crescent staff, pointing to where her leg once was.

A young child gets physiotherapy at a facility for Physical Rehabilitation in Taiz
Facility for Physical Rehabilitation in Taiz, supported by the ICRC. (Photo: Ahmed Albasha/ICRC)

The physical rehabilitation centre provided Alaa with a prosthetic limb. And with the help of specialist paediatric physiotherapists Alaa learnt how to walk again. The Yemeni Red Crescent and ICRC have supported Alaa and her family throughout the long, painful recovery process.

It was Alaa's brother Ahmed who took her to the hospital on the day of the accident - a journey no young child should ever have to do. He still has nightmares about the traumatic event: "I dream about the war and what happened to my sister. I wake up panicked, worried about bombs and how they injure children. I try to be brave for my siblings but there is so much to deal with. I try to push the negative thoughts away and focus on Alaa, but I'm not quite there yet."

Shortly after the accident, Alaa and Ahmed lost their father to COVID-19. A huge loss that left their family even more vulnerable in war torn Yemen. Despite the terrible tragedies she has faced Alaa has made good progress. 

With the help of the rehabilitation centre, she regained her mobility and is now able to play with her friends and siblings. Tahani, who works at the ICRC rehabilitation centre, said, "The war has left many children with serious injuries and missing limbs. And it's not just their physical health, their mental health suffers too. Many withdraw and isolate themselves. Our role is to help them get their life back"

prosthetics lying on the floor in front of at you boy and a young girl playing with doctors equipment
(Photo: Ahmed Albasha/ICRC)

Alaa is one of over 1.8 million people supported by Norcross' international outreach in 2021. Together with our Red Cross and Red Crescent partners we continue to help people affected by conflict and climate change.

People reached in 2021

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We provide expertise and financial support to the wider Red Cross Movement so that dedicated volunteers and staff can deliver health care, clean water, and humanitarian assistance to those in crisis. To find out more about our work in 2021 read the International Results Report.

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Facts about Yemen

Population: 29.8 million

Ranking, United Nations Human Development Index: 179

20.7 million need emergency assistance and protection

Internally displaced: 4 million people

16.5 million people in need live in areas with very limited humanitarian access

16 million people don't know if they'll get enough food every day

Source: United Nations