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(Photo: Mari A. Mørtvedt/Norwegian Red Cross).

Strong National Societies are the bedrock of a strong Federation

The partnership between the Norwegian Red Cross and Burundi Red Cross has excisted since 2006.

Focusing on organizational development and the impotance of local units and volunteers, Burundi Red Cross has grown to become a strong national society with an impressive 450.000 volunteers spread around the country. The president of the Norwegian Red Cross visited a local Red Cross unit in Ruhagaria coline in Cibitoke province.

Kvinner sitter langs en husvegg i skyggen for solen, burundi
Burundi Red Cross volunteers take a rest in the shade from the scolding sun. Photo; Mari A. Mørtvedt/Norwegian Red Cross
President Sven Mollekleiv og generalsekretæren i Burundi Røde Kors anselme katiyungurUZA
The president of the Norwegian Red Cross, Sven Mollekleiv. Anselme KATIYUNGURUZA, secretary general of Burundi Red Cross. Photo: Mari A. Mørtvedt / Norwegian Red Cross.

Cibitoke is a branch of the Burundi Red Cross. It has six communes and 131 collines with a total of 20.150 volunteers. All of the collines have volunteers who are supporting the most vulnerable in the community. The Norwegian Red Cross helped fund their branch office that opened in 2009. Since then they have been increasing their activities.

(Photo: Mari A. Mørtvedt/Norwegian Red Cross).

The branch works for example with preventing cholera outbreaks, produce latrines and water points for the communities and assist the most vulnerable to pay school fees and school material. For income generating activities, the branch rents out parts of its buildings for parties and meetings.

(Photo: Mari A. Mørtvedt/Norwegian Red Cross).

Svens 5 keypoints

  • Strong National Societies
  • Youth
  • Teams
  • Challenges
  • Corporate