Sven Mollekleiv President of The Norwegian Red Cross Sven Mollekleiv with volunteers from the Lebanese Red Cross and an ambulance that were given to them from Norway. Photo: Mari A. Mørtvedt/Norwegian Red Cross

Sven Mollekleiv BIO

Since 2008 Sven has been President of the Norwegian Red Cross.

Sven Mollekleiv has dedicated his professional and voluntary career to social responsibility, humanitarian engagement and voluntarism. Through various elected and appointed positions within corporate sector, sports, humanitarian organisations and public sector, Sven Mollekleiv has been an important contributor to shaping the public debate in Norway.

He is known as a prominent figure within the humanitarian sector, and an inspiration for social engagement. Sven Mollekleiv started his professional Red Cross career as Secretary General in 1991. During his 10 years of leader, the Norwegian Red Cross experienced significant growth - in members, economical resources and outreach. Mollekleiv ensured an important strengthening of the organisation’s framework, thus improving the conditions for increased humanitarian assistance.

Under his presidency the Norwegian Red Cross has evolved to become one united organisation, one Red Cross, working across sectorial divisions to achieve common humanitarian goals.

Sven Mollekleiv became the president of the Norwegian Red Cross in 2008. During his governance, the Red Cross in Norway has evolved to become an even stronger humanitarian actor, with emphasis on local voluntary action. As president, Mollekleiv has highlighted the voluntary involvement and professionalized the voluntary humanitarian assistance. The number of volunteers have increased significantly over these years, and the Norwegian Red Cross now consists of approximately 50.000 volunteers. Under his presidency the Norwegian Red Cross has evolved to become one united organisation, one Red Cross, working across sectorial divisions to achieve common humanitarian goals.

Under his governance and management, the Norwegian Red Cross has taken an even more firm humanitarian position in Norway. By raising the humanitarian voice, and evolving humanitarian activities that the government is either unable or unwilling to do.


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Red Cross experience

Since 2008 Sven has been President of the Norwegian Red Cross. During his presidency the organization has further strengthened the role of local chapters and their volunteers as the organization's implementing humanitarian actors. New activities reaching new vulnerable groups in the Norwegian society has been established, like the health center for irregular migrants and the emergency shelter for immigrants. (The position as President of the Norwegian Red Cross is without financial compensation).

From 1991 to 2001 Sven was Secretary General of the Norwegian Red Cross. During this period the number of Red Cross members increased with more than 50 per cent. The overall budget for humanitarian activities was more than doubled, to over 140 million Swiss Francs in 2001 (of which over CHF 85 million was allocated for international assistance).


  • President of the board in the organization «the Association of NGOs in Norway»
  • Board Member of Amnesty International Norway
  • Board Member of the Red Cross Nordic United World Colleges 2001-2006
  • Board Member of Norwegian association for the Premier League Clubs


Chairman VIF Football Board (Norwegian premier League Club), 2004-2005
Member of the Board Performance Theatre 2007-        
Ethical Committee Confederation of Norwegian enterprise 2008-2014
Ethical Committee Norwegian Association of local and regional authorities 2010-
Chairman in Global Dignity Day Norway, 2011-        
Ethical Committee Norwegian Football Association 2012-        
Member of the board Modern Times Group - United for Peace
Ethical and medical committee Norwegian confederation of Sports 2015-

Accountability, transparence and integrity

Sven is currently the Senior Vice president and Head of Corporate Relations and corporate social responsibility in DNV GL. DNV GL was established in 1864 to safeguard life, property and the environment. With a vision to have a global impact for a safe and sustainable future, DNV GL operates in over 100 countries to advance the safety and sustainability of their business through classification, technical assurance, software and independent expert advisory services. Sven started in DNV as the HR Director and member of executive board in 2001.

Sven is the ombudsman in the DNV GL, an internal mechanism to prevent illegal or otherwise improper conduct among staff and suppliers.
He has represented the DNV GL in, among others, the UN Global Compact and in World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD).

Other relevant experience

(in chronological order)

  • Sven was member of the Board/Deputy for Principal – Norwegian school of Sports Science, 1980-1984
  • Information Director at the Norwegian Confederation of Sports 1984-1987
  • Deputy Secretary General/Development Manager, Norwegian Confederation of Sport 1987-88
  • Director of Marketing- and PR – Norwegian Football Association, 1988-1992
  • Manager of the Norwegian Hockey Team, 1989-1990    
  • Member of the Board – Norwegian School of Sports Science, 1999-2008    
  • Head of DNV Corporate Relations & Corporate Social Responsibility, 2002-2012
  • Member of «Omdømme-utvalget» – Project with the purpose of strengthening Norway’s reputation – Ministry of Foreign Affairs 2004-2007    
  • Member of «Nasjonalt Omdømmeforum» established by the Minister of Foreign Affairs
  • Member of the Board Telenor Satelite Services 2005-2008    
  • Chairman of Energy and Environment in the Oslo project «Hovedstadprosjektet» appointed by the government to strengthen Norway’s innovation abilities 2005-2009

Medals and Awards:

  • In 2001 Norwegian Red Cross Medal of Honors for his  humanitarian work  national and international
  • In 2010 National award «Brobyggerprisen» for his work with integration
  • In 2015 The Royal order of St. Olav, Knight of First Class for great humanitarian work and service to society


Master of Arts (Chemistry, history, science of society, sports/athletics – Major:  Athletics)

Date of birth: 02.03.55