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Norwegian Red Cross international support

This map shows the Norwegian Red Cross international support, whether bilaterally with the National Society, or via the IFRC or the ICRC.

Map of field and regional offices

The map is interactive; you can select a country or a channel, and get the relevant results accordingly. PS. This map is best viewed on a laptop or PC screen.

Besides the field offices shown on the map, the Norwegian Red Cross has regional offices in Kenya (for Africa), Lebanon (for the Middle East region), Norway (for Europe), Pakistan (for Asia) and Panama (for the Americas). These support their respective regions, enable regional alignment, intra-regional use of resources and regional cross-fertilization amongst the National Societies.   
In addition, the Norwegian Red Cross supports the ICRC and the IFRC in several global programmes and other appeals, which cannot be narrowed down to one country. These include but are not limited to:

  • BOCA/OCAC & volunteer management               
  • Capacity strengthening recovery                            
  • Disaster Relief Emergency Fund (DREF)                 
  • Enhancing Planning, Monitoring, Evaluation and Reporting                        
  • Gender & diversity                        
  • Global Disaster Risk Reduction
  • Global Finance Development
  • Greece refugee crisis
  • ICRC Mine appeal
  • ICRC Sexual & gender based violence
  • ICRC Special fund for the disabled
  • IFRC Community Based Health and First aid
  • IFRC Global National Society Development
  • IFRC HIV/AIDS and Tuberculosis
  • IFRC Mother/new-born child, Malaria
  • IFRC Movement Quality Health services
  • IFRC Policy, strategy, knowledge
  • IFRC Public Health, emergency preparedness
  • IFRC Strengthening Movement Cooperation
  • Italy population movement
  • Lake Chad region
  • Mediterranean refugee crisis
  • Non-earmarked appeals
  • Preventing fraud & corruption
  • Protection mainstreaming
  • Resource Mobilisation
  • Water and Sanitation
  • Weapons advocacy & coordination