A line of people waiting to get a place to stay for the night at the Emergency shelter

Emergency shelter for homeless migrants

The emergency shelter at Majorstua is a safe place for homeless migrants to get a bed for the night.

Oslo Red Cross runs a shelter for men at Majorstua (Slemdalsveien 1) where guests can buy accommodation for one or five nights. 
The available beds are allocated through a lottery outside the entrance. 


Volunteers participate in the registration, the check in and the check out of guests in collaboration with Red Cross staff. No prior training is needed, but all volunteers have to be 18 years or older. You will get all the training you need during the start of each shift.

Evening shift kl 21.00-23.00

• Five volunteers + staff
• Prepare the sleeping hall
• Hand out bed sheets
• Keep track of the queue and tidy up the area
• Divided check in, new guests and guests who have bought accommodation for five nights

Morning shift kl 06.30-08.00

• To volunteers + staff
• Guest check out
• Tidy up the sleeping hall

Register here to take shifts at the emergency shelter:

You will get a full overview of free shifts at the shelter after you log in and you can easily claim volunteer shifts that fits your schedule. If you are prevented from showing up for your shift, please free the shift as soon as possible in the system so other volunteers have the possibility to cover it.

For questions and other inquiries, please email us at frivillig.oslo@redcross.no or call us at 948 58 674 (available between 21.00 and 08.00)

About the Emercency shelter

  • The shelter is open from 22.00 until 07.30.
  • One night is 15 NOK.
  • The registration of guests with reservation is between 22.00-22.15 every night.
  • You can choose to stay only for 1 night or you can make a reservation for 5 nights in a row.
  • Reservation for 5 nights can only be done by showing a picture ID (e.g. passport, credit card, driver license, national ID cards).
  • For guests without reservation, registration and entry is at 22.30 every night.
  • Check in closes at 23.00.
  • No alcohol or drugs permitted in or around the shelter.
  • No smoking inside the shelter.
  • No weapons are permitted in or around the shelter.
  • Everyone has to leave the shelter by 07.30.

Where can you find us?

Address: Slemdalsveien 1 ( Easy to get to from the bus/tram/subwaystation: "Majorstua")

For information in other languages:


Shelter for women and age 60 + is located in Gamlebyen

You can find information about this here: