Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions for pick-up of clothes, footwear, accessories, and household textiles to be donated to the Red Cross. From here called “HentMittTøy”.

1. About the terms and conditions

The Terms and Conditions below apply to consumers who use “HentMittTøy” from Røde Kors Tøy og Tekstil AS via:

By using the pick-up services provided via these web solutions, you have at the same time accepted and approved the current conditions stated in this document.

The pick-up service is provided by Helthjem Netthandel, organizational number 914 919 010, on behalf of Røde Kors Tøy og tekstil AS, organizational number 920 274 471. Røde Kors Tøy og tekstil AS is a subsidiary owned by the Norwegian Red Cross, and operates the textile collection.

2. Terms

HentMittTøy from the Red Cross gives you the opportunity to donate clothes, footwear, accessories, and household textiles to the Red Cross that will be sold in second hand shops and / or turned into new clothes. Donated items do not have to be whole / damage-free, but they must be clean.

2.1 Pick-up

The clothes, footwear, accessories, and household textiles are picked up the night on agreed date. It is not collected nights to Sunday and nights to public holidays. Make sure you provide the correct name and address for pick-up. Your name on the door and mailbox are always helpful as the couriers pick up when you are asleep.

The clothes, footwear, accessories, and household textiles that are donated must be packed in customized Red Cross bags that can be ordered from the Red Cross or in an optional regular bag. Each order includes collection of one bag up to five kilos. The bag to be picked up must be labelled with the pick-up code you received when booking. Bags that are not marked with a pick-up code will not be collected. Maximum one code per bag.

The bags are picked up by the distribution network Helthjem by using their local couriers in your area and will be picked up from where you would normally receive a newspaper, either at your mailbox or on the doormat. Make the bag avaialble for the couries to collect before 23:00 the day before booked pick-up. If the wrong pick-up address is stated, the Red Cross or Joom may be charged unnecessarily for the pick-up cost, so make sure to enter the correct address when booking. The risk for what has been collected is only taken over when the couriers have signed off the delivery.

You will be notified by e-mail when the bag has been picked up.

2.2 Personal information

Helthjem Netthandel and Røde Kors Tøy og tekstil AS processes personal information in connection to HentMittTøy in accordance with Norwegian privacy legislation. Røde Kors Tøy og tekstil AS is responsible for the processing and the use of your personal information under this agreement. By accepting these terms, you agree that your personal information may be processed as further described in our privacy statement (in Norwegian). For questions related to this privacy statement, please contact Røde Kors Tøy og tekstil by email to tekstil@redcross.no.

2.3 Right of withdrawal

Bookings made can not be canceled in advance of pick-up. The couriers will try to pick-up the bag, and the Red Cross or Joom will be charged for the collection. In the pick-up fails, the distribution network will contact you to arrange a new pick-up or to cancel the pick-up.

2.4 Complaints

Complaints regarding pick-up must be reported by email to kundesupport@helthjem.no as soon as possible, and no later than the same week as the delivery has taken place.

Updated: 08.11.2021