We are a small part of the worlds largest humanitarian organization. Our work is based on a humanitarian desire to make an effort for those in need.

The Trondheim Red Cross was founded in 1905 and has worked to uncover, prevent and alleviate humanitarian suffering in Trondheim ever since. We have over 1000 volunteers providing care for those in need. Located at the Red Cross building in Trondheim, we are a local branch of the Norwegian Red Cross. This is also where we arrange most of our activities.

The Trondheim Red Cross represents the Norwegian Red Cross within the municipality of Trondheim. Our branch is run by local Red Cross volunteers, with help from the staff at the Red Cross building in Nardo.

Want to be a volunteer, but don’t speak Norwegian?

Most of our activities require that you speak Norwegian. However, certain activities require only English as spoken language. Some of our activities are open to English speaking volunteers with very limited Norwegian (please note that the need for volunteers may vary):

  • Norwegian practice: The Norwegian practice, "Norsktrening", is a place where you can practice your Norwegian with others who are also learning the language. You can practice your Norwegian in a friendly and informal environment while helping other volunteers in conducting the activity.

    For more information, please contact Mari Dyrset: mari.dyrset@redcross.no / +47 941 37 956

For all other activities, our registration forms and mandatory courses are held in Norwegian.

Anyone can volunteer. It doesn’t matter what your skills, experience or background are, or how much time you have to give. Join our friendly team of volunteers and do something positive for your community!

Contact us:

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