Norwegian Red Cross International Strategy

Norwegian Red Cross mission is to reveal, prevent and alleviate human suffering and distress. Our activities are grounded in local needs, resources and competencies, carried out by local volunteers. Read more here!

Together we make a difference

Our donors, members and volunteers give hope to people both in Norway and abroad. These are some of our achievements:

  • 49 000 Syrians in Aleppo get daily meals from Red Crescent
  • 4,7 million people in Syria get help from Red Cross every month
  • 3438 Norwegian kids have participated «Vacation for Everyone»
  • 6000 + Norwegian pupils get help with their homework every year
  • 12 500 people in Norway are visited through Red Cross' visiting service
Graphic display diagram

For every 1 kroner we spent, 90 øre was used for charitable activities.

90 øre in every kroner (NOK) is spent on direct charitable activities locally and abroad.
Fundraising and retail 6%, and 4% support costs.
Read more in our 2017 annual report.

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