Join our friendly team of volunteers and do something positive for your community.

Anyone can volunteer. It doesn’t matter what your skills, experience or background are, or how much time you have to give.

The Norwegian Red Cross has a wide specter of humanitarian activities. These activities are usually initiated and run by local chapters. Please contact your local chapter directly for more spesific information.


Before you deside to become a volunteer, you might want to learn about the different activities your local chapter has to offer. This will vary from chapter to chapter depending on size and location. However, you don´t have to live in the same commmune as your local chapter to join as a volunteer in another chapter. You can choose any chapter you see fit and offers that spesific activity you want to work with.


It is not a precondition or requierement that you speak Norwegian to partake as a volunteer. You should however be aware of that certain activities will require a minimum English spoken language. Since English is the second most common language in Norway.

The Norwegian Red Cross offers "Norstrening" wich can be a good opportunity to learn some Norwegian.

Being a volunteer is a great way to do sommething positiv for your community and getting to now people.

Be adviced: Our registration forms are in Norwegian and all activities are usually described in Norwegian as well. Please ask for help at your local chapter. They don't bite :)


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