Bærum Red Cross in English

Bærum Red Cross is a local branch in Akershus county. Bærum Red Cross was founded the 10th of September 1909 and have approximately 2600 members, of which 270 are volunteers.

Bærum Red Cross administers the Red Cross house "Løkkegården" in the center of Sandvika, with humanitarian activities driven by both Bærum Red Cross and in collaboration with others.

Bærum Red Cross offers a variety of activities within social inclusion, The Search and Rescue Corpss, children and youth.

Social inclusion

The Red Cross have many activities to counteract loneliness and promote social contact. We offer visits in private homes and institutions. We work for multicultural integration and participation, and networks for those released from prison and others who need a secure social arena.

Children and youth

Barnehjelpen (Childrens help) in Bærum runs a number of activities for children at crisis centers. Red Cross Youth have activities aimed at young people between 13 and 30 years. Red Cross Youth Bærum organizes activities for youth in Trandum asylum.

The Search and Rescue Corps

The Search and Rescue Corps are the largest volunteer performer in the Norwegian rescue service. Their primary task is to assist in search and rescue operations, with rescue equipment and personnel, when a major accident, emergency or disaster occurs.