Volunteering in Bærum Red Cross

You can volunteer in some of our activities even if you have limited knowledge of Norwegian.

How do I become a volunteer?

The first you have to do to become a volunteer in Bærum Red Cross is to fill out this form (the form only exists in Norwegian). You are invited to a introduction course (in the Norwegian language only). Make sure you sign up for the course that is at a convenient time for you. At the course you will get some knowledge abut the history of the Red Cross and our values.

You will now begin your training. Most activities have their own courses that will give you the knowledge and skills you need as a volunteer. What courses are required and how often the courses are held, varies from activity to activity.

If you have any further questions, please contact us at: sekretariat@baerum-redcross.no / . You are also welcome to visit us at the Red Cross House in Sandvika between 09-15. Our address is Elias Smiths vei 1, 1337 Sandvika.

Norwegian practice in Bærum

Do you need help with your spoken Norwegian? Come to our Norwegian Practice ("Norsktrening"). This is a place to practice your Norwegian with others who are also learning the language.

The volunteers are not Norwegian teachers, so this is not a Norwegian language course. You will be placed in a group depending on your level in Norwegian, so that you get to practice with people on the same level as you. This gives you the opportunity to practice what you already know, as well as learning new words and expressions. Every group is lead by a volunteer who speaks Norwegian. Volunteers use pictures, games and exersises to help the group practice their language skills.

Who can come to Norsktrening?

Norsktrening is an activity for everyone above 16 years of age who wishes to practice their Norwegian. You can come to Norsktrening even if your Norwegian is very limited. You do not have to sign up to join, but we recommend arriving early. There are a lot of people who are interested in the activity, and a limited amount of space.

When is Norsktrening?

Norsktrening is held Mondays and Wednesdays at 17:30. The session lasts for around two hours.

Please contact us for more information.