Red Cross Youth Oslo

Red Cross Youth Oslo organizes activities for young people between the ages of 13-30 and is an advisory body for youth issues in Red Cross Oslo.

Red Cross Youth Oslo organizes activities directly with other young people and conducts attitude-creating work. We are for and with youth and work with humanitarian challenges through activity, commitment, democracy, and knowledge. 

 Oslo Red Cross Youth 

The mandate for Oslo Red Cross Youth: "Through voluntary work, young people participate in creating a low-threshold social arena to prevent loneliness and prevent alienation among young people in Oslo. The youth contribute to strengthening and safeguarding the youth perspective in Oslo Red Cross." 

Activities in Oslo 

Local Meeting Point:

Red Cross Youth Oslo works to establish free, alcohol-free, and low-threshold meeting places for Oslo's young people through our activity Treffpunkt Student. Treffpunkt Student is for everyone between 18 and 30 years of age. Through Treffpunkt Student we aim to prevent alienation and loneliness among young people by offering low-threshold meeting hubs where young people can meet other young people and create good, safe relationships.  

Here, young people have the opportunity to participate in youth-led activities. Activities organized by Red Cross Youth Oslo in Treffpunkt Student include, amongst other things, trips to Tusenfryd, bowling, quizzes, tournaments, and much more. Treffpunkt Student is shaped according to what we young people ourselves want, depending on what we miss in our local environment. 

Contact Us: 

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