Oslo Red Cross

With 3500 volunteers in over 40 activities for children, young people and adults, Oslo Red Cross create sosial arenas for the population in Oslo. And we are on standby if a crisis occurs.

Contact us: 

Telephone (weekdays at 08.00 -15.00):
22 05 40 00

Email us at: kontakt.oslo@redcross.no    

Visiting address:

Oslo Røde Kors
Hausmanns gate 23
0182 Oslo

Postal address:

Oslo Røde Kors
Postboks 3, Grønland
0133 Oslo

The Norwegian practice, "Norsktrening", is a place where you can practice your Norwegian with others who are also learning the language.
A refugee guide is a Red Cross volunteer with whom you can practice Norwegian, who can answer your questions about living in Norway and be social with.
Red Cross Youth Oslo organizes activities for young people between the ages of 13-30 and is an advisory body for youth issues in Red Cross Oslo.