Emergency Shelter for homeless migrants in Oslo

The emergency shelter at Majorstua is a safe place for homeless migrants to get a bed for the night.

Oslo Red Cross runs a shelter for men from 18 years old with non nordic origin at Majorstua (Slemdalsveien 1) where guests can buy accommodation for one or five nights. The available beds are allocated through a lottery outside the entrance.

Oslo Red Cross has zero tolerance for alcohol and drugs. 

Opening hours

From 22.00 - 07.30
Adress: Slemdalsveien 1, 0369 Oslo
Attendance at 22.00 outside adress

Contact us (only in opening hours)

Phone: +47 948 58 674
Mail: akuttovernatting.oslo@redcross.no

We are open despite the Corona Virus outbrake, however with lower capacity. We are looking for solutions continuosly. During this period we do not charge for accommodation.

Information about the Corona Virus

If you are looking for information about the Corona Virus in English or other languages, here are some good websites from Norwegian officials:

Here you can find information from the Oslo municipality (Oslo Kommune)

Here you can find information about self-quarantine and Islolation (Folkehelseinstituttet)


Information to guests at the emergency shelter:

Oslo Red Cross' emergency shelter is for men only. For women and families, go to Kirkens Bymisjon's centre in St. Halvardsgate. You can find their contact information at the bottom of their webpage.

In English
In Romanian
In Albanian
In Polish 
In Russian
In Lithuanian
In spanish

Volunteering at the emergency shelter:

Volunteers participate in the registration, the check in and the check out of guests in collaboration with Red Cross staff. You have to be over 18 years of age, take 3 shifts per month minimum and take the intrdoduction course for new volunteers.

Evening shift kl 21.30-23.00

• Volunteers and staff
• Prepare the sleeping hall
• Hand out bed sheets
• Keep track of the queue and tidy up the area
• Divided check in, new guests and guests who have bought accommodation for five nights

Morning shift kl 06.30-08.00

• Volunteers and staff
• Guest check out
• Tidy up the sleeping hall

For questions and other inquiries, please email us at akuttovernatting.oslo@redcross.no or call us at 948 58 674 (available between 21.00 and 08.00)

Where can you find us?

Address: Slemdalsveien 1 ( Easy to get to from the bus/tram/subwaystation: "Majorstua")


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