Norwegian Red Cross volunteers taking care of paasengers rescued from ship Vis bildetekst
Volunteers from the Red Cross in Møre og Romsdal participated in the evacuation of passengers from the cruise ship Viking Sky at Hustadvika. The passengers were evacuated by helicopter. Photo: Møre og Romsdal Red Cross

Support the Norwegian Red Cross

Red Cross is Norway's largest volunteer disaster preparedness organization and are ready to help and assist local authorities when an unexpected and unwanted incident occurs.

Our work is volunteer-based and organized to ensure that we can reach people in need quickly and efficiently. The Red Cross has local branches throughout Norway and when a crisis strike the Red Cross can mobilize a large network of volunteers in a short time.  

Our teams are trained in search and rescue, physical and psychosocial first aid and will help out with evacuation, logistics and other practical or humanitarian needs.

How to support us:  

Our local relief work is largely funded by donations from private donors and companies.

Credit Card

You can donate directly with your credit card on our Norwegian site


Donate through Facebook:

Or you can donate through your bank:  

  • Bank: DNB  
  • Bank account: 8200.06.10190 
  • IBAN: NO3882000610190
  • Company: For invoice, please send an email to  

Red Cross Search and Rescue Corps

  • comprises 300 search and rescue teams with around 13,000 members 
  • are ready to help 24 hours a day  
  • take part in hundreds of operations every year and  
  • the members are trained within search and rescue, leading operations, demanding terrain, transport and ambulance services, avalanches and landslides, communications, and operations in water. 

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The Red Cross is a humanitarian organization whose work is driven by a desire to help others. It is committed to, and bound by, the fundamental principles of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement and acts as the guardian of the Geneva Conventions.  

Thank you for supporting the Norwegian Red Cross humanitarian activities in Norway!