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Norwegian Language Practice

The Red Cross is offering a meeting point where you can join others to practice speaking Norwegian. Good language skills are a precondition for participation and affiliation in society.

The main goal of Norwegian Language Practice at the Red Cross is to increase inclusion in work and society.

Informal and social

Norwegian Language Training is an informal and social environment. The participants join us to practice their oral Norwegian skills and practice speaking everyday language.


Some standard activities at Norwegian Language Training are e.g. reading newspapers, discussing different topics, role play, and practicing common words and expressions. These activities are a great supplement to standard Norwegian classes.

Promoting integration

Norwegian Language Training is especially important for those of you who, for different reasons, find it difficult to follow ordinary Norwegian language courses or are not eligible for classes offered by public agencies.

Where and when do we meet?

Feel free to contact your county administration for more information about your nearest Norwegian Language Training location.

The following major cities offer Norsktrening/Norwegian Practice

Bergen Red Cross on Facebook

Oslo Red Cross

Stavanger Red Cross on Facebook

Trondheim Red Cross on Facebook

Tromsø Red Cross

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