Men arranging food parcels inside truck, syria al hol

A community kitchen at the Al Hol camp in Syria provides hot meals to thousands of displaced people in Syria. © Cynthia Lee/ICRC

Political instability in the region has triggered humanitarian crises.

Map of MENA region

Beirut, Irak, Lebanon, Palestine, Syria, Yemen.

Regional snapshot

In the Middle East and North Africa (MENA), NorCross works to alleviate suffering and save the lives of people affected by conflict, famine, and poverty. Political instability in the region has triggered humanitarian crises.

The regional office is in Beirut, Lebanon. NorCross also has country offices in Syria, Yemen, and Iraq. The office in Palestine was closed in 2019. NorCross supports health, WASH, and National Society Development. NorCross also works closely with ICRC and the Federation in several countries in the region.

Financial Pie Mena Region

In Iraq...

Access to clean water helps rebuild the country 

EU funded water projects reached an estimated 74,000 people. And the reconstruction of toilet blocks and sanitation systems in schools helped kick-start education for 12,000 students.

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Man drinking water from a fountain
© Ameen Layth/ICRC
Illustration on numbers reached

– In Lebanon

Health care for Syrian refugees  

Undocumented, unemployed and unable to adequately feed their families, health care is an unaffordable luxury for many of the 1.5 million Syrian refugees. Red Cross mobile medical units treated 290,000 Syrians.

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Young boy in hospital walking along with nurse
Stephen Kelly ICRC
Illustration on numbers reached

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