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Red Cross in English

The Red Cross is an international humanitarian relief agency, with Red Cross or Red Crescent societies in 187 countries. The basic principle of the organisation is the protection of human life and rights in order to work towards worldwide peace.

Skrevet av: Norwegian Red Cross

Millions of volunteers help people who have been wounded in conflicts or have suffered at the hands of natural disasters or other human tragedies. The Red Cross assists all those who are in need, irrespective of race, religion or ideology. The organisation is founded on the seven principles of humanity, impartiality, neutrality, independence, voluntary service, unity and universality.

The Norwegian Red Cross is a modern, nationwide organisation which, in recent years, has about 170.000 members. The relief work carried out is comprehensive, ranging from caring for the elderly, sick and lonely to providing a prison visitor service, mountain rescue service, working with Aids and an emergency telephone helpline for children and the young.

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Central to the work of the Norwegian Red Cross is its caring approach. By this, we mean that members of the Red Cross focus on care and compassion in the community, both nationally and internationally. By showing that it cares, the Red Cross takes on a responsibility, demonstrates practical care and acts as a problem-solver. In everyday life, this means reaching out a helping hand when others turn away in disgust, combating racism, violence and the neglect of the weakest groups in society, refusing to accept the suffering of others – being there for people who need our support.

The Norwegian Red Cross was one of the first national societies in the Red Cross
movement. The Red Cross was founded in Norway in 1865 as «the Society for the
care of the sick and wounded in the battlefield and for the support of the wounded
and the families of those killed».

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