Important message to those who have opened a case through the Tracing Services of the Norwegian Red Cross after 2010

There has been a data breach at a Swiss data provider to the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC).

The data breach dealt with the personal data of more than 515,000 people worldwide, including people who have contacted the Norwegian Red Cross to trace missing family or friends.

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What measures have been taken to prevent further incidents? 

This computer attack is very serious and is treated accordingly. The ICRC is now working closely with the affected National Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies to get a clear picture of the course of events and the scale of the attack. 

What happens next? 

We are currently working to move the data to a new system to ensure that searches for missing families can continue. It is invested in advanced security systems, and it works closely with reputable companies to maintain high standards of data protection and monitoring. We accept new tracking cases as usual, although it will take some time before the systems are fully up and running again. 

How can the data be used to harm me or my loved ones? 

We recommend that you be aware of suspicious emails, text messages or other communications claiming to be from the Red Cross or Red Crescent and/or requesting personal information. If you receive suspicious communication, we suggest that you delete this immediately. Do not click on any of the links and/or share these with anyone. We also encourage you to contact the Tracing Service of the Norwegian Red Cross and let us know. 

Contact us 

The Tracing Service is available for those who have questions about this and can be contacted on 22054000 or tracing@redcross.no. You can also read more information about our service here.